1- Health insurance - compulsory !


Provided that you send us the required information, we guarantee your membership of a health insurance plan allowing your health expenditure to be covered. Your age, your nationality or your parents’ situation determine your registration with either a ‘student social security’ system, or with an ‘other’ (which groups together various particular situations).

How do you register?

To register online connect to your intranet


It is IMPERATIVE that this process has been completed before you arrive at the Institut





 2- Mutuelle Etudiante – Facultative !


Egalement appelées "complémentaires santé", les mutuelles couvrent la part des frais médicaux non prise en charge par l'Assurance Maladie.Leur souscription est facultative.

Madame Mayet peut vous aider dans le choix de votre contrat de complémentaire santé, adaptée à vos besoins.



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