[Alumni Portrait] - Interview of Jean-Michel Dixte (Class of 1994) (EN)

Nov 29, 2019

Interview of Jean-Michel Dixte (class of 1994), President of Baan Dusit Thani and Director F&B development at  Dusit International.


What led you to the hotel and restaurant industry?

I was an expat son and I descovered this fascinatig world during my adolescence in the Middle East. My mother was also an oustanding cook who gave me a remarkable sense of taste.

What are your memories of your years at the Institut Paul Bocuse ?

These are wonderfull, really strong memories, that I shared with colleagues and friends and that will always be in my mind !

My years at IPB have been my first step in my adult life, a period where I learned strong professionnal skills that I still use today.


You chose to make a career abroad, today you are in Bkangkok since almost year : according to you what are the essential skills to lead this kind of career ?

I think you have to demonstrate excellent adaptiblity towards any culture, and to always be opened to learn from an other.

You learn and share knowledges with peoples eveyday : this life principle brings me a lot of joy and personnal satisfaction.

This way of being and thinking allowed me to flourish in all the countries and the companies where I've been.


In 2013 you received the Bocuse & Co Trophee that rewards entrepreneurial spirit. Could you tell us more about this way of thinking?

I learned it from IPB : I was in my second year and it was really intense, we invested a lot in the school, physically, intellectually and emotionally. It was like starting a business : so much work had been done, we wanted so much to suceed, and above all, to gain recognition in international hospitality fields as well as in the educational and professional networks. We were also very proud of our work and achievements.

That's the entrepreneurial spirit : being able to push yourself constantly.


What is the strongest memory or project that you remember from IPB ?

I remember a lot of happy memories, of strong moment of friendship, especially during the 1992 Olympic Games in Albertville.

But I will always remember the interview that I made of Paul Bocuse for a school project on the evolution of taste (I still have it on tape !).

During this special moment with Chef Bocuse, I discovered a warm, humble and passionate man.

For him the most important thing was the product quality, quite simply. It was 26 years ago.


Did you keep in touch with other alumni ?

Of course: great friendships are always growing around the world !


How important is the building of a professional network to you ?

The network is the force of any type of orgnization, especially a professional network that needs to be grown quickly.

But always do it with grace, respect and a sharing spirit. It will be beneficial for you in the long run.


Any advice for the current students of IPB ?

The hospitality world is not an easy way but it can be one of the most rewarding work.

This is a real vocation and it is difficult to progress without doing it with your heart.

This is also a noble work where you can be yourself and give the best of yourself to bring happiness to others, a sharing and kindness notion that makes a better world. All the best to everyone !



Sector : Hospitality and lodging services

Presentation :

Dusit Thani Public Company Limited, branded as Dusit International, is a Thai multinational hospitality company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Dusit International has 36 hotels and resorts in 12 countries.

Founded : 1948

Website : www.dusit.com

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