[CLUB ALUMNI NYC] - Sunday Breakfast

Apr 16, 2019

On Sunday, April 14th the first alumni meeting of 2019 organized by Karim Guedouar (Promo 2001) Alumni Ambassador New York and Romain Vesse-Letoffé (Promo 2018) Alumni Ambassador World took place at Caféine Urban Espresso & Bake Shop* by Kfir Ben-Ari (Promo 2002).


Here is a list of participants : Florian Hugo (Promo 1996), Wilson Johnson (Promo 2009), Ali Dey Daly (Promos 2011, 2014), Matthew Bensch (Promo 2014), Ines De Schuytener (Promo 2017), Courtney Vris (Promo 2017), Baptiste Pignol (Promo 2017)


"Dear IPB/EACH Family to cover all generations here,

In the end it is one family and one more time today, the proof of that unity was made in New York City.

We all are part of something special which started at some point in Ecully and we all went away to discover the world and tried to grow in the industry but it is important to remember that we have a common DNA which is the passion of what we do and the love of what we call "the savoir-faire à la française".

Today in New York was a tribute to this legacy that we all live by and I strongly believe we need to be thankful for it and nurture it as long as we can.

I want to thank you Romain for stopping by In NYC and I want to thank you Kfir for hosting the reunion at your lovely place.

Of course I thank all of you for joining the meeting and look forward to the next one so we can keep track of each other but most importantly, let the IPB know where we all are and nurture the culture everywhere in the world."


Thank you to all the participants of this beautiful meeting and see you soon !

Karim Guedouar, thank you for this testimony!


* Find Caféine Urban Espresso & Bake Shop in the apps "Le Guide Institut Paul Bocuse" available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play

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