INSTANT ALUMNI with Soazig Drais (Promo 2010) - Associate Director - Consultancy & Valuation at Christie & Co – France

Oct 09, 2018

This is about a young experience but already well established and worthy of the greatest that you will read through the sum-up of our meeting with Soazig Drais (Promo 2010) and the students on Friday, 5, October at the Institute Paul Bocuse. Her return was strongly emotional…

In 2010, Soazig obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel and Restaurant Management with Honours. Eight years after, a lot has changed! She looked very impressed when she arrived at her former and first school to introduce her spectacular carrier path, her training courses, experiences as well as her role, which consists in strategy and the  satisfaction of her clients.

During her school years, Soazig went on four internships, resulting in a two-year work experience prior to entering the job market. All of them were useful including the one in Lyon when she was a Housekeeping Manager at the Grand Hôtel Mercure Château Perrache 4*. “It was a difficult position but humanly speaking, an outstanding experience in team management, which helps me in my daily work.”

As part of her academic path in International Hotel and Restaurant Management, she pursued her studies at (the) ESSEC with an MBA in Hospitality Management, with a strategy and Hotel Real Estate concentration, then she integrated “Fundotel” for 2 years as a Consultant. Sole employee of the company for 18 months, she structured consultancy tools simultaneously to developin her professional network. In the summer 2015 she joined HorwathHTL where she carried out operations as a Senior Consultant. It is on this point that she tells us about one of the projects she managed, a stunning experience to her:

“3 years ago at Horwath HTL we were assisting the Polynesian government on an urban project, encompassing several hotels for a total capacity of ca.1,500 rooms. I remember the call of my manager to tell me I had a flight in 2 days for Tahiti. He wanted that I represent the team in the eyes of the Polynesian government. I realized how much I was trusted on a project of over 4 billion euros, it was an enriching project that I have done in a different cultural context. And nowadays, I am still in contact with them in my new consulting firm!”

After 5 years in Advisory and being based in Paris, Soazig explains to us her professional activity – despite the impossibility to describe a typical workday – she tells us this is about a business work composed of a major strategic and financial componentin addition to high-level understanding of th environment in which the hotel project is settled, besides, it is also a lot of travelling ( up to 100 days per year). The comprehension of her clients’ needs and the development of tailor-made project remain core to her activities.

Persistent, Soazig is always looking for new experiences. In May 2018, she was named Associate Director - Consultancy & Valuation at Christie & Co becoming their number two in France. Over the past 6 months, Soazig was assigned the leadership and development of the Consulting practice in France just as much as Italy and Benelux. Thanks to her professionalism, Soazig got a place in the eyes of the national and international investors who rely on her expertise to define and analyse their development or financing projects in the hospitality trade.


“I needed change and to move forward in my career and to join a European team. The fact that my head is a woman is extremely gratifying in an industry with a strong masculine majority.”


Soazig ends her interview telling us all the experiences and training courses helped her in the course of her career. Today, her  transmission spirit pushes her into teaching, why not at the Paul Bocuse Institute?


A huge thank you to Soazig Drais for this precious time and for this testimony in a warming atmosphere. Let’s wish her a lot of success and good luck!

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